Keep Moisture Out

Hire us for basement waterproofing services in Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, and surrounding locations in the Alabama area

Do you have trouble keeping your crawl space dry? Liquid Foundation Repairs provides foundation and basement waterproofing services in Bessemer, Vestavia Hills & Hoover, AL. You can count on us to find the source of your moisture problem and fix the issue.

We can waterproof your foundation by installing a sump pump and a moisture barrier. We can also encapsulate your crawl space.

Call 205-565-7318 to speak with a trusted foundation contractor. We offer free in-person quotes on foundation waterproofing services.

Top reasons to get your foundation waterproofed

Did you know that Bessemer averages 57 inches of rainfall a year? That's 21 inches above the national average. Give your property the protection it needs to weather the storm.

Basement waterproofing services will:

  • Keep your foundation in tiptop shape
  • Protect your house from water damage
  • Reduce your energy expenses

Our experienced foundation contractors will keep your home structurally sound.

Contact us today to find out more about our foundation waterproofing services in Bessemer, Vestavia Hills & Hoover, AL.

Looking to install a French drain system?

One common method of waterproofing your basement is utilizing a French drain system. French drains redirect surface water and groundwater away from the area with a gravel-filled trench containing a pipe. This system is an effective way of basement waterproofing.

Liquid Foundation Repairs offers customized foundation waterproofing services. Not only do we know how to install a French drain system - or other alternative drain systems - but we know how to customize the solution to be the most effective. Contact us today for French drain installation in the Bessemer, Vestavia Hills & Hoover, AL areas.